Moving adventure sports goods for businesses

Getting your goods to your customers in mint condition is crucial in your overall sales, customer satisfaction and loyalty cycle.

Unlike general freight companies, EXPED’s logistics and handling service is designed solely to re-locate adventure sports equipment, so we are kitted up with the right gear and experience to make the process easy and seamless for your business.

EXPED - How We Move Sporting Equipment

don't risk your reputation!

Your reputation can so easily be ruined in the handling process of the items you sell.

EXPED has been establised to bridge the gap between you and your customers. Our specialised logistics service ensures your goods are delivered to your customers in top condition every time.

EXPED is not a bulk handling service, we are a a re-location service with a difference, where every item is treated like we own it and without compromise.

If your items are assembled or packaged, our highly-specialised relocation service will ensure your customers precious goods arrive to them in mint condition so they will be thrilled with their purchase and you can get on with business.

We aim to take the hassle & stress out of your companies freight

Having a reliable pickup and delivery service will make it easier to complete sales of any items you have in stock.

If you sell, service and/or repair high end bikes or any adventure sporting goods, let us take care of the freight so you can spend your time focusing on your next sale.

With EXPED it’s never been easier to set yourself apart from your competitors by offering a complete, fully-insured, reliable delivery service.

EXPED - SUP freight

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