Snow Sports Equipment

Snow is the ultimate playground. It brings immediate joy and excitement upon seeing it, and the ability to release adrenalin like no other seasonal sport can.

Snow Ski and Snow Board Transport

don't miss out when there's been a dump!

At EXPED we are adventure opportunists, and when the conditions or seasons are right, we make the time to enjoy it.

We understand it can be unpredictable so when you need your skis, bindings, boards and accessories to be at hand and ready to go, we’re here to make that transport easy for you.

Gear we often transport:

You may need your equipment serviced or you’ve seen a package deal online that you just have to have, we understand that when the opportunity presents itself, you’ve got to take it.

Don’t be left out in the cold without your gear, let EXPED help get your equipment to where you need it, safely, securely, and on time, every time.

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EXPED - Sports Equipment Transport and Logistics Melbourne Victoria

terra firma sports

Love your bike? So do we! We are experts in handling and re-locating all types of bike styles, sizes and materials with the upmost care and security, so they arrive in exactly the same condition as they left ready for your next adventure!

Transport my SUP Melbourne

water sports

There is nothing quite like connecting with the water. Surfboards, SUPs, kayaks, foils, wake, kite boards & more, EXPED help to get you out there by transporting your water sports kit from A to B to sea, or wherever you require them.

EXPED - transport for bicycles, bikes, boards, skis and components and essentials


Whether it's a new set of wheels, a lighter and stiffer frame, a larger bladed paddle, or whatever makes you perfom your best or simply make the most our of your precious leisure time, we will deliver it to your chosen destination for you.