Where, When & How We Move

As a specialist transport company, we don’t believe that personal service means you have to log onto a site to get a ‘vague’ idea of where your gear is located and when it will be collected or delivered.

When you engage EXPED to transport your goods you can expect genuine, personalised service.

Your tracking number is our phone number so you can call us anytime for an update on your transport.

We have absolutely everything to gain through satisfying our customers through reliability, honesty and transparency.

Find out more about where, when and how we move your precious sporting goods below.

Where & When

EXPED circumnavigate the state of Victoria fortnightly.

We have a fully flexible route and timetable which we alter and adjust to suit individual needs.

If you wish to meet us at any of our suggested locations (see map), or prefer to have us to collect from or deliver to your door, we are happy to do so.

exped's typical route


Currently we offer services to Canberra , Sydney and Adelaide on a monthly basis. This is subject to change and may become more frequent due to ongoing demand.


Please contact us for further enquiry and schedule.

how we move

EXPED is a unique and personal logistics service where we give the upmost care and attention to all items we handle. We are the only one-on-one, door-to-door, secured handling service for adventure sports equipment.

Our vans are equally unique and have been designed and constructed for the safety and protection of each individual item. They are purposely fitted with individual stand up racks for bikes and boards so no item ever comes in contact with another.

From the moment of pick up to drop off your item remains secured, monitored and in the hands of one person and you can contact us anytime to track its progress.


Insurance, security and personal handling is included in your price

You will not find an insurance option with EXPED because it is not an option, it is essential and included in your freight price.

Your item remains secured and monitored with CCTV and alarm systems around the clock and will never be removed or re-directed through a depot or another handler.

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